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Why Verdant Accountants?

Increased scrutiny from the public, legislators and stakeholders is driving the need for more rigorous financial management and reporting in the charities and ‘not for profit’ sector. Questions are naturally being asked how this can best be achieved without depriving the core mission of valuable energy and resources.

Verdant Accountants seeks to respond to these challenges by offering flexible, cost effective accounting services focused on the needs of the individual charity, whether it be a community group, a social enterprise or any other form of ‘not for profit’ organisation.

Because we fully embrace the charity ethos, we aim to make our fees as fair and transparent as possible by offering fixed fees for the majority of our services along with a discounted subscription model to help with cash-flow.

As a small, but enthusiastic practice, we are inspired by the thought of ‘helping the helpers’ spend more of their precious time and resources doing what they love to do most.

A charity ethos with fair and transparent fees


Whilst many prospective clients will know exactly what services they require, there will be some who are uncertain as to what is required for statutory compliance and what additional services are available to make management of their enterprise more professional and cost effective. To ensure we accurately match services to needs, we conduct an initial assessment, usually via questionnaire, before arriving at a fee proposal. You can be assured that we aim to make these proposals as fair and reasonable as possible.

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Accountancy Services
  • Audit File Preparation
  • Annual Returns
  • Annual Financial Accounts Preparation
  • Management Accounts & Reports
  • Charity Taxation, VAT & Gift Aid
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll & Auto-enrolment
independent examination of charity accounts
Examination Services
  • Independent Examinations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing to provide services to the charity and ‘not for profit’ sector is more a statement of emphasis rather than one of strict adherence. We do however prefer there to be at least some charitable connection. So if, for example, a charity client is happy with our working relationship and would like us to provide additional personal and/or business accounting services, we would be more than happy to do so.

Not at all. If you can scan and upload documents and use email you should have no problem taking full advantage of the services offered. Our aim is to make the practise as digitally friendly as possible.

Our accounting services include the traditional accountant role of bookkeeping, reporting and compliance on behalf of a client. The examination role requires us to independently assess the financial accounts of the organisation and to establish whether they are in compliance with the requirements of the Charity Commission.

In its simplest terms, an independent examination is required when an organisation’s gross assets are valued below £3.26 million and its gross annual income ranges between £25,000 and £1 million. For income below £25,000, the trustees can optionally elect to commission an examination where they feel it would add credibility to their mission. For income above this range, a more involving and possibly more expensive requirement would be to commission an audit. We do not conduct audits ourselves, but we are able to assist in the preparation of documentation ready for an audit by others.

Most services, including examination services, will be offered on a traditional payment model, where an initial payment is made up front, with the remainder due at completion. A discounted subscription model is offered where the client elects to use our full accounting service including bookkeeping.

Our subscription model enables us to update the client’s financial records each month allowing for real-time access to data essential for decision making.

We use online versions of Xero and Quickbooks depending on the needs of the client. These provide sufficient sophistication for our accounting needs whilst giving the client easy real-time access to reporting and analysis tools. We are also familiar with a number of other online and desktop solutions including more specialised programs such as Data Developments.

Where it is not cost effective to use these solutions for smaller organisations, we can recommend a free open source spreadsheet program.

If you are on a subscription plan, simply stop making the monthly payments and our services will terminate. As long as a valid subscription is in place, we will do all we reasonably can to ensure a smooth transition to your new provider.

If you are on a payment plan, we will require reasonable notice for invoicing and payment of any outstanding fees along with formal handover to your new provider.

Fill in the form below with a brief description of what you are looking for and we will send you the appropriate questionnaire. Once completed, we will quickly provide you with a proposal showing how we can help, along with an obligation-free quotation.

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